This second Agile Lean Leadership Appetizer is also approximately one hour long. The presentation is intended to give participants a clear understanding of the practical details that can and should be addressed in organizations using Agile Lean Leadership (ALL). Afterwards there is a deep-dive question and answer section, where people can get clarification on details

  • How to design Teams that serve customers well?
  • Using manifests to clarify Circles and relations
  • How to delegate jobs to other Circles and how to escalate cross-team-cutting concerns
  • How to scale up and down and working in different cognitive domains (Complex, Complicated, Obvious)
  • The dual leadership of CO and XO (Product Owner and Scrum Master)

The purpose is to give participants enough practical information for them to decide on embarking on a transformation towards ALL. We supply education and implementation support. Find the courses here:


  • A quick recap of the background of Agile Lean Leadership, Team of Teams, where did it come from?
  • Practical hints for designing circles, customer, primary, supplier, level 2 and secondary.
    • Relations and Manifests create transparency
  • Rules of engagement, principles of prioritization
  • Delegation the key principle in cross Team collaboration 
    • Delegation among primary, secondary and level 2 circles.
  • Escalation and resolution, dealing with matter bigger than the individual Circle
  • Practical patterns in environments that are Scaled-up or Scaled-down
    • Scaled-up. The big project, one backlog many Teams
    • Scaled-down. On Circle/Team many customers (many input streams to the backlog)
  • The importance of dual leadership.

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – W. Edwards Deming

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