This roughly one hour presentation is intended to give people an understanding of what Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) is all about, the background and the benefits. Afterwards there is a deep-dive question and answer section, where people can get clarification on details

  • Why is there a challenge these days for traditional management?
  • Why is the classic plan-driven Neo-Taylorist approach unhelpful now?
  • Which set of values and benefits can be expected from ALL?
  • What are the cornerstones and foundation that an ALL organization is built on?

The purpose is to give people enough information for them to decide on embarking on a transformation towards ALL. We supply education and implementation support. Find the courses here:


  • Challenge for traditional management in the complex, knowledge based work of today
    • Big upfront planning fails, organizations react way to to slow, when the world around them changes
  • The background of Agile Lean Leadership, where did it come from?
    • Dealing with complexity
    • Lean, Agile and Scrum paved the way
  • The elements and structures of Agile Lean Leadership
    • Team of Teams, generalizing the Team to a Circle
    • How to put Teams and Circles together. The organizational relationship diagram.
    • Manifests and competency matrices
    • Vision and visualizing, the importance of a high level roadmap.
  • A way forward including the challenges

Here is an recording of an event at Telenor:

Agile Lean Leadership Appetizer 180903 from Kurt Nielsen on Vimeo.

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – W. Edwards Deming

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