DSC_0129-001We offer a program of on-site and on-line assistance and support to help organizations in Agile Lean introduction, transformation and sustainance. We have chosen to call this concept “Agile Lean Mentoring” for a couple of reasons:

  • It includes coaching the target organization, but the word “coaching” has by now become rather useless, as it can mean all sorts of things and has has largely lost its meaning.
  • Our concept is that we follow people in the organization on their journey for a while, and try to convey to them helpful patterns, ways of working or reacting that empirically has been known to work for others. It was never intended to be something that went on for ever.
  • After the initial journey, we are available as discussion partners and mentors on the ongoing journey. We keep our engagement, but the initiative is on the organizations side.

Every collaboration with a client is specially configured, this is a complex thing, there are no simple best practices. However a number of patterns are available and can be included in the menu:

  • Organizational design. Using the concepts of Teams and Circles a structure of internal and external services are designed and described. The organization will be involved broadly, and a general acceptance if not consensus achieved. Every Team formulates their Team or Circle “Manifest” a description of who they are and what they do. Every relationship and event also has a manifest. Patterns and practices to develop psychological safety in the organization is discussed.
  • Team composition. How to match the services a Circle or a Team has to deliver with the right competences? How to match personalities, so that the Team will be able to self-organize and be successful.
  • The Scrum Master or the Agile Coach role generalized. In more general terms we have called this role the eXecutive Officer (XO). The primary focus of this role is to develop a structure in the organization that is focused on removing impediments, enabling learning and innovation, leveling the road and protecting the process and the Teams. We facilitate a solutions that that generalizes this concept all the way to the top, so that at every level there is a person responsible for tackling impediments and implementing improvements, at every level there is a guaranteed response time.

We have a proposed roadmap for introducing Agile and Lean into organizations, we call this “The Road Less Travelled”, we have different competences and experiences in our extended network. Contact Kurt Nielsen at info@AgileLeanHouse.com for a discussion about how we can assist in your journey beyond efficiency to effectiveness.